Preferred Training and Education

Preferred Jewelers Tutorial Modules

The training component of Preferred Jewelers is a comprehensive and consistent means of delivering Management and Sales Skills to all Associates within the company.  

The modules included in the basic program are listed below. They are intended to be completed by Associates in about 15 to 20 minutes. All handouts, and other materials are included as well as follow up excercises that may be conducted by the management team.  

Modules will be updated as new topics become available.

*The Tutorials can be accessed from the Dash Board on the left side menu and also on the Implementing Preferred Page.


Preferred Training for Associates & Managers:


Preferred Power Selling:

Preferred Power Management:

  1. Module One - Professionally Manage Your Attitude
  2. Module Two - Greet and Connect
  3. Module Three - Show High
  4. Module Four - Build Value
  5. Module Five - Trial Closes
  6. Module Six - T.O. (Turn Over)
  7. Module Seven - Closing Sales
  8. Module Eight - Keeping Score
  1. Module One - Three legged Stool of Management
  2. Module Two - Recruit, Interview, and Hire Part 1
  3. Module Three - Recruit, Interview, and Hire Part 2
  4. Module Four - Recruit, Interview, and Hire Part 3
  5. Module Five - Recruit, Interview, and Hire Part 4
  6. Module Six - Train and Develop Part 1
  7. Module Six - Train and Develop Part 2
  8. Module Seven - Managing Performance
  9. Module Eight - Performance Appraisals
  10. Module Nine - The Solitaire Setting
  11. Module Ten - May I tell You Something?

For additional information please contact Preferred Jewelers Headquarters at 888-998-8874