Warranty FAQ

FAQ Working with Your Preferred Warranty:


Warranty Customer Service Manual

As a service to Preferred Jewelers International™ clients nationwide, your store has agreed to check warranty covered jewelry items for loose stones, worn prongs or any other aspect of the jewelry piece that may create a loss for the customer.  Replacement of lost stones up to .20ctw are covered by the warranty and the following procedures should be followed.
If a customer comes in to request a 6 month Jewelry Inspection and update or replacement of a missing stone, you should first verify the warranty and item in the Preferred Jewelers International™ System.
Step 1: VERIFICATION - Log in to go to the Preferred Warranty Dashboard on the Retailers secured side of the Preferred Jewelers International™ website. Choose the appropriate tab to look up either an “Existing Warranty” or an "Existing Warranty from Another Preferred Retailer." Enter the warranty card number and/or customers' last name to search for its history and information. If for any reason you cannot locate the warranty on our system, please call us at 888-998-8874 and we will assist you.
Option1: Your company can replace a diamond at no charge and probably pick up a new customer for life. (Remember that the warranty only covers up to 0.20 ctw.)
Option 2: You can send it to the Preferred Warranty Center (True Romance) where it will be repaired at no charge. (Your only expense is the shipping charge to the Warranty Center) You will need to apply for an RA (return authorization) number. You can request this from the product information on each product in the Preferred Warranty Registration.
Option 3: If the diamond happens to be over .20 ctw. or the loss is a result of a manufacturing defect contact the original store where the purchase was made.
(you may incur the cost of shipping to the original member store)
Option 4: Call the Preferred office and the details will be worked out for you.  We can be reached at 1-888-998-8874.

What does the free Nationwide Warranty cover?


1) FREE LIFETIME MAINTENANCE: Jewelry items must be in perfect, like new or new condition to be eligible for the Preferred Warranty. To keep your warranty valid, you are required to visit your Preferred Jeweler every 6 months to have your jewelry inspected and maintained. Your visit will be notated in the Preferred website database. Customer and retailer will be notified by email 30 days before and again 14 days before your inspection “due date.” Having work done on your item out of the Preferred Network can void your warranty unless authorized by Preferred Headquarters. Please ensure that we have a valid email address on file. Should a warranty show as lapsed, the retailer may then charge the customer to bring the item back into warrantable condition and then be able to update and reinstate the warranty.

2) PREFERRED JEWELERS will replace a natural mined or lab grown, round diamond up to .20ctw at no additional charge to customers. Excluding Fancy Cut and Fancy Color Diamonds and Invisible Set Rings.

3) RESIZING*: After the initial sizing of your ring at purchase, when possible, a Preferred Jeweler will provide re-sizing of your ring 1X per year. Some rings are not sizable, especially if there is a large size difference or if it will compromise the integrity of your ring.  *Excluding Eternity Bands and Invisible Set Jewelry.

4) MINOR RE-TIPPING OF PRONGS*: Thorough inspection of all prongs, channel and setting work to assure none of your diamonds move in any way. No diamonds need to be removed. *In the instances where Rhodium is required, a charge may be incurred.

“We highly value the sentiment of your jewelry. This is a limited lifetime warranty.

Your Preferred Jeweler may recommend rebuilding (or reconstructing) your setting, for an additional cost,

to preserve the value and integrity of your jewelry and to be able to maintain your warranty.”


 5) INSPECTIONS AND CLEANING: Steam and ultrasonic cleaning will be used to keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

 6) TIGHTENING OF DIAMONDS AND GEMS: Preferred recommends and requires that you visit your Preferred retailer every 6       months to have your items microscopically inspected to check for any loose diamonds and perform any necessary adjustments.

 7) PREFERRED WARRANTIES are not transferable to another person. Please visit a Preferred Retailer to see if your jewelry is eligible for a new warranty.

* The Free Preferred warranty is a Limited Lifetime Maintenance Warranty. Criteria for issuing a warranty varies by retailer.

Life is unpredictable. In the event you lose your center stone or the entire piece of jewelry, insurance is the best way to have it replaced.

Please make sure you are covered by insurance for those unpredictable moments in life.

*For assistance please contact the Preferred Office at 888-998-8874

Where can I have my jewelry serviced if I move? 

Moving? Don't worry about sending your jewelry back to your Preferred Jeweler to be serviced or finding that same excellent service in your new city.
Just click on the tab titled Nationwide Presence on our website to locate the nearest Preferred retailer in your new town. They will be happy to help you maintain the beauty and longevity of your jewelry.


What happens if I move to a new location with no Preferred Jeweler near me?

If you happen to move to a new location where there is no Preferred Jeweler near you and you need service, please contact Preferred Headquarters at 888-998-8874 and we will advise you on how to proceed.

What if the customer is moving and they don't have time to wait for their item to be repaired and put back in pristine "like-new" condition so it is eligible for the Preferred Warranty?

Again... there could be a lot of variables happening here and we would love to help you make the right decision.

  • You could direct your guests to their new Preferred Retailer to have their item repaired and registered there.
  • You could call Preferred Headquarters so we can be an extension of your customer service and inform the new retailer of their upcoming visit.
  • You could also call the new retailer directly to work it out with them so your guests feel the love and experience the trust and assurance of YOU being an elite member of the Preferred Network.

What if a customer goes out of the Preferred Network for work on their item?

Here's another instance where there could be a lot of variables happening. Normally this would void their warranty. That being said, if you feel the work done has not compromised the item's stability then you can charge them, if necessary, for the work needed and then reinstate their warranty by updating them on the Preferred Dashboard.

What if I don't want to do a repair or issue a warranty on an older item?

  • We will not dictate to you what to put the Warranty on. There is a clause on the warranty brochure that states "Criteria for issuing a warranty may vary by retailer."
  • If you have a guest come into your store with a warranty on a much older item and you feel the work needed is not what the warranty covers... please call Preferred Headquarters.
  • If the item is in perfect condition and the warranty is valid but you still don't want to do the maintenance, you always have the option to apply for an RA number and send it in to True Romance for the inspection.

Is there ever an instance when the warranty will be voided?

  • A warranty can only be deleted or voided if the Retailer who registered the warranty or the customer requests it to be deleted. If a customer calls Preferred Headquarters with this request, we would contact the retailer before voiding or deleting any warranty.
  • If a warranty has lapsed and the item is need of repair, you then have the option to charge the customer to bring it back into "like-new" condition and then reinstate the warranty by updating it on the Preferred Dashboard. We let you make the decision of charging the customer depending on the circumstances of that particular item, repairs necessary and the customer situation.
  • If you are just not sure what to do, you can always call Preferred Headquarters. We are always available to help you with anything you may need. Sometimes the item may need to go back to the manufacturer. We can assist you with these circumstances as well.
  • If the guest is only a little bit late and the item is in good condition, you can complete the maintenance and inspection and then update the warranty so it remains valid and in good standing.
  • Anytime you update a warranty on the Preferred Dashboard it will then reinstate the warranty and enable the next email reminders to be in place 6 months from the day you enter the inspection update. You and your customer as well as whoever is logged into the Dashboard will receive an email reminder 30 days before and again 14 days before the Inspection Due Date.

What if a customer comes back in way before their inspection due date?

That's GREAT! The more they walk through your doors the better! As we stated before... Anytime you update a warranty on the Preferred Dashboard, it will then reinstate the warranty and enable the next email reminders to be in place 6 months from the day you enter the inspection update.

Has anyone ever been dismissed from the Preferred Network?

Not as of today! In everyone's Membership Agreement there is the Preferred Pledge that everyone signs. Breaking this agreement would be grounds for dismissal from the Network. Everyone who has been chosen to be a Preferred Retailer was selected for very specific reasons. We are all in this together, to stand out from the rest, as Jewelry retailers that give trust and assurance and superior customer service to their guests. ONLY a Preferred Jeweler can offer a FREE Lifetime Nationwide Warranty. We believe in creating...

What happens if I lose a diamond?

The Nationwide Warranty covers the replacement of any missing diamonds from the setting up to 0.20 ctw. If you lose a diamond, take your item
into the nearest Preferred Jeweler with your warranty card. They will be able to track your jewelry in our system to see where it was originally purchased.
The proper steps will be taken in order to assure that your jewelry is repaired.

What happens if your item has withstood major duress, for example if it has been slammed in a door. Is it still eligible for free repairs under the warranty?

Any kind of personal accidental damage to your jewelry would not be covered under the Preferred Warranty ... the warranty states clearly what is
covered and hence the requirement for the semi annual inspection to keep your piece in warrantable condition. If this should occur the retailer will
charge you to get your jewelry back in warrantable condition and then reinstate the warranty. Insurance coverage is highly recommended.

Can't find your warranty card? Not to worry... just contact Preferred Jewelers International Headquarters at 888-998-8874